Patient Services

Comprehensive Exams

Dr. Warner is thoroughly trained to:

Glaucoma Treatment

A serious condition that we treat is glaucoma. Glaucoma occurs when fluid buildup in the eye causes excessive intraocular pressure. Although many people fear this potentially sight-damaging condition, early diagnosis and treatment can help maintain your vision for a lifetime. If glaucoma is detected during your eye exam, we will outline a treatment plan that may include pressure-reducing eyedrops. If Dr. Warner determines that surgery is your best option, you will be referred to a board-certified ophthalmologist for treatment.

Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eyes can be very uncomfortable. Symptoms include eyes that feel gritty, burn, are itchy or are sticky. Having dry eyes also makes you more sensitive to environmental changes, such as wind, poor air quality, low humidity and automobile or indoor air conditioning. Dr. Warner can treat dry eyes with artificial tears, Restasis, or punctal plugs, which are inserted into your tear ducts to help to stop the drainage of tears.

Binocular Vision Testing

Many children who can see 20/20 still have problems with eye movement skills and other binocular problems which can manifest as headaches, poor reading skills, and decreased school performance. Many of these children are labeled as "behavioral problems" when in reality, their visual system needs more in depth training. Dr. Warner can evaluate your child's eyesight and provide the best care for his or her vision.